knot mileage

I sail now

unmoored shivering crawling in sand
i wriggle murky drunken taste
salt off my back, and, at any time,
grow smooth and scarcely fade
into a body (of you; little second man)
distance and lack thereof
high enough to perch; pressing a coin to the air
eyes follow lips crinkle and i dilate
the coin vanishes through inflating sides
my lumen, head cocked, waits
until this unknown head lolls off the table
and dream (little man, can you still see me)

i see; i kick; the sun swims; suns swim
throat dry of salt water
uniform pores shed light on this rim
the cusp of flesh is slippery

there are certain afternoons
when even flies lose themselves
and the mundane rumble of life lies deathly still
i see before me a trial of bubbles
oxygen; mine; behind.

and i sink