snout to petroleum : word experiments


petroleum jelly
acrid ampersand cloying
droops from pores ; brings pores to droop
fell the light ; brings the sun to its knees
holds in limbo ; suffocates
slippery fingers ; padded flesh cannot dislodge
chokes ; with sudden effort I inhale
leeches ; onto trembling silver insides
yet here I have no weight and
the suction is more from me than the
petroleum jelly

[final product : investigation into subconscious inter-locutional leaps ]
i am not me i am me not i not am me i not me am i me am not i me not am am i me not am i not me am not me i am not i me am me not i am me i not not i am me not i me am not am i me not am me i not me i am not me am i me i not am me i am not me am not i me am i not me not am i me not i am
[finding all possible word permutations of i am not me]

“on it for two years” See the bottom of the field, and got in what matter?  We will build and force our snouts to the sky. / snouts / root / soil / earth / sphere / tortoise / infinity / asymptote / limit / chain / rope  / fish / coral / fractal / mirror / kaleidoscope / memory / fallacious / human / pathos / rhetoric / question / reply / stimuli / selection / sieve / titration / meritocracy / bureau / intelligence / underground / cellar / ice / tube / contain / pressure / eradication / glass / blood / black / petroleum
[word association in response to prompt from Animal Farm; George Orwell]