II. Delirious Poem

can heart breathe fire
inflame sore or sticky
trimmings of mucus and uniform erectile hairs
that clustered warm and writhing and licking across all walls and one lumen
spread the char and cackle of sodomized tongues
inflate leering hungry capillaries
stay slack and gaping and open against the
push and coddle of a tropical and airless pressure
steam-thick gush from the airneck of an elastic aqualung
vomit distance against the slick ground and i
float into the subterranean colour of parched- and yellow-streetlamp,
sidle through the sidewalk misalignments of a vertical land,
collect and with jurisdiction ooze across concrete  pillar
to extrapolate tar, stalk with the wild abandon of malignant voodoo
cling to shells of skull candy and an occasional foil ticket
an artefact; speaks theft and native-worn
plasticine sculptures to the rubbery contour of stretched
naked flesh-missionaries to cart dusty yodels
back to a foreign and magma sky