III. Observation of an acrylic rain

comatose comma raindrops
clinging onto the paratroops : an antithesis of reluctance
from an overnight embrace to an empty box of sky
ride pus-ridden and pockmarked on bucking steeds
swarming diseased and cancerous flesh from
which the dreaded Tumour sprouts with ease and discretion,
to below where the tropic hot-swells flurry and cycle,
whose rotting landscapes dot a world of the occasional festered relic,
whose pasty flesh in the fabric of pesky bitter puddles stay even following uplift from moist purgatory,
where over-polished light shows revere,
where monkeys on ginger and disease and sparse and monolithic bicycles ride
shitting wheels chains gears allotrope in gestatory fear
pissing through coarse-but-cotton hair in orange green-flecked terror
into acrylic pants (extracted from spindly body through choleric skull),
falls a same spindly