“Take Off This Coat”

“take off this coat”
totter amongst fields of decapitated and leering flowerpots
their shards loll and mull with writ in the ocean
and herald the tender undersides of skin for an embrace
no arpeggio can be warmer or sweeter or softer or oilskin humour
than the tinted braggadocio of glass
scoop the ice; it will melt and be warmer
the demand for entrance arrives first
denial breaths too heavily accepts only “ar pavion”
the label laughs gayly and suckles its thumb (nipple)
the ice emerges in collapsed and reluctant wrinkles

the tongue is unable to fully forget
and hence believes your erection incomplete

envelope-suction throws into alleged drowning the praise of transparent agencies
the oral cavity has been de facto occupied by saltwater
missing lost thumb has been located
slithering out  

[random words to random prompt; “take off this coat” : completely delusional and excessively mediocre]