dictionary definition of today

by tremens

ant, n. small creature joyfully murdered in most households, most commonly due to its similarity in size to the human brain.

spouse, n. jailor, absence of which is usually viewed as general pity and great disgrace.

climb, v. act of deconstructing mountains (and/or other similar altitudes).

language, n. the great deception, constantly monitored by the yyve-ycek-ssi communication police of Mars.

present, n. an unfortunate treadmill clamped forever between the foothills of the past and the dyke of the future.

hate, n. the demystification of lesser graces.

stupid, n. a clandestine society, the majority of whose members consist of the human race.

second-guess, v. the natural proceed-er of a first guess.

child,n. an egg with grander aspirations than are necessary.

night, n. the grotesque daily parliament of fantasy and conceit, usually shortened by a tempting advocate of death.