stoic rhythm

sheathed with Brooklyn hotel smell
lone finger pries off sweaty feather, goes searching
makes a concentric impact on white blind
then scoops itself, carefully
both feet hovering – inches off ground
away from the fetor of a waking

heads and shadow emerge simultaneously
bruises silk purdah with rouge stains
turns the complexion florid with the blush of heat
lures intoxicated second hands into appearing
one shiver, a second, another shimmer
then the sea gags and splits and vomits men

quakes with cold water and the shiver of pain
blackens eyes with aftereffects of thew cramp
mumbles incoherently around thick stump
bites in spasm into kennel hand
then falls through kaleidoscopic senses whorl
into a bottled lunar fever that is

[word experiment – free writing in reaction to dance ‘Sleepless’ (Kylián, Jirí)]