muumuus idon

the idon is purple.
i look down – ghastly colour for the livid-flesh effect
but the idon operates in a space without eyes
and the idon lurches forwards in a mechanical beat,
purges the white veil under skimming my toes
where shamed flesh blushes florid and giggles
two ghosts mousetrapped in a lesbian act
pull apart slowly from the pucker of their knees
and the reluctant elasticity of dangling thistle

my lips are clenched
my muscles are tautened and shiny
but from the unwilling shudder of a skilled upstroke
i revoke

across the universe flaps have loosened
bronchi let in the whistling berserk air
blood bites into dilute oxygen
eyelids retract and the iris suckles sky-high
ventricles collapse under pressure
heartstrings are permitted to bloodily contact
and with the calm affect of a hindu cow
my lips erupt

the idon shrugs on my skull
and balances me upon nephrite stones
my twin stars hyperventilate beneath a black bag
a pickled sausage is laid out against the butchery floor
a ghost tongue picks curiously at my nubs
and thighs and teeth object by struggling weakly across the ice
both croak – gas before meaning –
but my gaping palate is where
your name shudders on the downstroke of the guillotine

muumuus idon will hoo-doo you
muumuus idon will hoo-doo you
muumuus idon will hoo-doo you