[ adj. 1] near in space : only a short distance away or apart in space or time.
[ adj. 2] on very affectionate or intimate terms.
[ vrb. 3] move so as to cover an opening.


in love;
several switches closed an open circuit
made tick an open machine in high and hiccuping circles
in hate;
cackling hand swooped down and across
with icicles in, brought closer to dead heart through angry-punctured skin

talking yawn of a third-person testimony.

that your heart is sweeter than my heart
that your soul more solid
that i as man and man as trader must buy-duty borrow-flesh barter-identity
that here fresh desires are marketed cheap

so lay ten hands upon my skin
i am open to the dire


words that begin with ‘en’ ensnare entrust enemy ennui end enchant enthusiasm enter english environment enlighten encircle engulf entangle entertain encrust endear entreat entail enigma entrails enamour enamel encapsulate envelope enshroud entrap enslave encounter encode encrypt encourage endoplasm endorse endorphin endocrine endoscope endotherm energy enfeeble engrave engross enjoy engrain engorge envision engage encamp encage enclasp encore enclave endure enact enrapt enzyme entropy envy enough entity entire entertainment entomology encroach enamour enamel enema enrol encroach enrich enchilada  ensemble endow enact enforce enclose