Do not let the mosquito near you. And what may that foul rapist be – to first make a neat, circular incision, a point between skin and nowhere in between, then tear apart flesh and tissues and humming fibre, then fucks viciously this homemade orifice with a proboscis of its own. Not to end there – what little help you need in making all skin a cunt and all flesh a snakeroot is here provided. Observe. Watch the thing, the young, the budding rapist as it scrooges you of blood, as it leeches from you all red will, all healthy and willing ejaculation, thieves the vitality and desire from your veins (- not even playing fair,  this grand dojo of cunts and oranges – ) and violated, molested, your bloodstream runs rabid and scurries and dares not proceed to mutilate the rest of the cancer body – then forms a huge protein lump, that itches and begs the mind to be torn from the skin, to save the mind from this canine mosquito virus.