a poem for today the day

i have always feared echoes
round-heavy and propagating
mad like starvation and creating still
ripples of convolution before they fade
submitting pig entrails and cosmetic blood
under the cowardly farce of redundancy

but muddles do not fade
they become small and linger always
in some half-buried desert island
or the corner of an ancient gong
the insolent memory of a narcotic brother
or ringing museum chambers from too much discourse
then the sour twang of the nose eye and liver

waste is a coin on a copper cymbal
the rivers of peril reverberate
sterile electric chairs evaporate into a steamy air
the same wave crashes over my nose – a million plagarisms
and a sentiment that breeds
creeping toes actively twanging across heartstrings
to plunder into logic and rape out the
red blood of love or emotion or compassion

this pain has made made me compromise
now unfettered i clench and pray
after an accidental kick to the guitar
and wait for
a gasp before the fall in the region of my heart