soto yaki

by tremens

she was standing with a gaggle of friends and they were all smokers every single one of them with tall disdainful eyes and ample leg and very high hair and it looked impossible to approach and i remembered how she had screamed when she saw the flowers and how she had been the most beautiful and was the most beautiful and i went up to her sorry excuse me and she turned her face

she has a thin face like a knife that does not limit her beauty but rather sharpens it and intensifies it and brings her aristocracy full frontal with the harsh part of her cheekbones and nose and deep frosted gentle eyes lidded hugely and with her head turned front to me i could only catch half their glory for the other half is seen only from the side smeared across her profile like a goddess

and i looked at her but not even i but my gaze looked at her and tried to escape itself to realise the truth of her beauty

she was so beautiful and i told her i was sorry i didnt bring any flowers and she said it was okay and i said thank you very much for the performance thank you i said and she said thank you for telling me it was so nice of you to come up and tell me what do you do she said and i said i was a dancer which she didnt catch the first time so i said again i study dance and she said thats nice and thank you for telling me and i said thank you for your performance and backed away and she said thank you goodnight and i half turning away said thank you goodbye and she was gone and she was so beautiful and i say now that her beauty is perfect and my memory of it is not so do let let any blame of her ugliness fall upon her but upon me in the retelling because she was beautiful

after i spoke to her i felt my whole throat had soured up and the acid was fighting out of my eyes. i had to leave because her gaze was too beautiful and there was nothing left to say. i had only gratitude for her and that was the end of the story i am now on the train trailing away from both her slim wrenching face and it rends me open like a clever knife