How can a naked man run past curfew the streets without living?

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little death

i told Corbett that he was old
and his face split
was reamed
by realising the wrinkles that hung off it
to say ’no’
he shook his dreary udders
from which no more wisdom poured
and pronounced ‘i am dry now’
with a surgical flourish

at sixteen i took up despair
and wondered from which nook in my shoulders
i could see my genius flow

i picked a country off a map
‘Nebraska’ was a good, strong name
for a nation with a beard and orange hills
i would save the people there
there was no better start to conquest
for i could see its end already
nations clamouring for the touch of my hands
mother teresa died in my bed
i wept and shuddered and
poked my head under thick covers
as i roamed about the streets
and felt a rhythm of vast aloneness
syncopate my bucking hips
i drooled cyanide into my pillowcase
from resistances dotted past Europe and Russia
i kissed sartre in the frigid french air
joined tongues with Einstein
shared St Helena’s with Napoleon
pushed Hitler off a cliff
his face shining from under my floor ball stick

i have awoken with my hands strapped to my sides
in a white room sprayed with antiseptic
after tearing the skin off my kneecaps
for i could not stand the regular pattern
of little scratched dots there
yesterday Corbett told me
i had never been to France
or Prague
had stabbed a friend with a toothpick
he told me he would not strangle me
and covered me with a grey blanket that fell in puddles
i could not straighten with my bound hands

but someday
when i can
i will write his name in a little red book
and beside it,
“is old”
and he shall fall to the ground in the same agony
that carved insides out of a scalpel-wielding me

Corbett told me that i was mad.

hello, amygdala

Hello, Amygdala. Do you see out of my tiny cut-out windows that strange and foreign man across the table? He is speaking, his lips are glistening and gnashing furiously into the shape of words, and when the occasional violent sound is called for, the tip of a viper tongue spittles out from between the gouged-out insides of the mouth and spits effluent into the air. When he is not shovelling food into his mouth he is excavating these words – all the way from Sakhalin that smoke-puffing incarceration from the other side of alimentary land. Suddenly i realise that he is hollow, and his actions transform – his mouth engorges in aggressive ripples and cradles slowly the contents of his stomach as they are brought out, dilated, under the light. The intestines are a trouble to unfold, but the vapid negroid bones fold obediently under the lap of a bloody, clumpy mass and now the whole system is herculean, pumping machinery – whistling with angry air socketed from one end of Person to the other, and still his hands march smoothly on, impaling himself furiously onto spoons and spoons of risotto, cream sauce whisked into the gale and ejaculated like albino mice just seconds after – the whole thing a sick diorama, clockwork.
Excuse me – I am pregnant with cherubs and wish to vomit them out into the world.

snout to petroleum : word experiments


petroleum jelly
acrid ampersand cloying
droops from pores ; brings pores to droop
fell the light ; brings the sun to its knees
holds in limbo ; suffocates
slippery fingers ; padded flesh cannot dislodge
chokes ; with sudden effort I inhale
leeches ; onto trembling silver insides
yet here I have no weight and
the suction is more from me than the
petroleum jelly

[final product : investigation into subconscious inter-locutional leaps ]
i am not me i am me not i not am me i not me am i me am not i me not am am i me not am i not me am not me i am not i me am me not i am me i not not i am me not i me am not am i me not am me i not me i am not me am i me i not am me i am not me am not i me am i not me not am i me not i am
[finding all possible word permutations of i am not me]

“on it for two years” See the bottom of the field, and got in what matter?  We will build and force our snouts to the sky. / snouts / root / soil / earth / sphere / tortoise / infinity / asymptote / limit / chain / rope  / fish / coral / fractal / mirror / kaleidoscope / memory / fallacious / human / pathos / rhetoric / question / reply / stimuli / selection / sieve / titration / meritocracy / bureau / intelligence / underground / cellar / ice / tube / contain / pressure / eradication / glass / blood / black / petroleum
[word association in response to prompt from Animal Farm; George Orwell]